My Crazy Life As.. A VBS Worker..

VBS started today..

People really underestimate the craziness of two year olds.. And their attention span.

I mean, honestly.. these kids play with a toy for literally a minute before they run off to find something new.

Bible Story=2 minutes.. My leader I was working with said their attention span is about the same as how old they are. SO TRUE.

But is is so fulfilling when you ask about the story later and they tell you what you said two hours ago. “What did God do to the river?” “STOP!” Granted, it was only one word, but one of our little ones after being asked “Can you stop the river?” said,” I know I can’t stop a river… Only God can”

VBS amazes me every year. You work all morning, chasing after crazy two year olds trying to get them to hold your hand, attempting to tell them a 2 minute Bible story before the scatter happens, thinking the whole time ” are they getting ANYTHING out of this?” Granted, they are only two, but we still want to make an impact. But at the end of the day when they hug you bye and blow you kisses.. Best. Thing. Ever.

I love kids.

When teaching kids, everything is make so simple for them to try to understand on their level. But isn’t that exactly what we need sometimes?

Their music leader just said ” God is Amazzzzzinnnnnnggggggg. He can do anythingggggg!” ( Very catchy for kids.. Try it.. They repeat EVERYTHING )

But I just sat there and thought.. Wow.. So simple, but this is the basic. God is amazing. And He can do anything! Such hope from a simple VBS lesson for two year olds.

So despite the crazy times of VBS, soak up the simple truths God is handing out, not only to these kids, but us workers too!


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