My Crazy Life As.. A Newbie Worker At Buck/Duck Commander

I got a job.

It’s quite a good job.. I actually love it.

I learned so many things on my first day there.. I learned how to work with photoshop and be a computer junkie.

My favorite lesson, however, would have to be when I was doing the art of “clocking out”, which is actually quite hard for me. I can never line up the paper just right so it always sends it on top of my clocking it.

So onto the story..

You see.. Since the show is so popular, you have people coming in from all kinds of crazy places and the “store” is only this tiny open space before you walk into the warehouse part. You’d be amazed at how many people come in.. It’s CRAZY.

So anywho.. lots of construction is going on since they’re building on a store.

Disaster area for clumsy like me.. Epic disaster of great proportion.

Our clocking in spot is in this really awkward spot on the wall by another wall that was just stripped down.. well.. since it was stripped down.. they laid new concrete down..

I mean, honestly guys.. it was 5, which is when everyone usually stops working and they lay fresh, wet cement by the clock out station.

Needless to say, I wasn’t paying very much attention..

And then it happened.

The worst thing ever for a first day worker..

I stepped in it.

I stepped in their fresh, wet, perfect looking cement..

POINT of the story: If you want to make new friends quickly at a new job.. Just step in wet cement.. It works like a CHARM. (:


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