My Crazy Life As.. A Future TV Star.. The Start of the Story

So let’s just say I’m friends with the people with Duck Dynasty…

Their kids go to the school I graduated from, so therefore we have been friends for years.

Well, I first got asked to work in the office/tiny-front-room-area-we-use-as-a-store-before-we-build-a-new-one..

I must say… I LOVE my job.. It’s amazing. I love the people and seeing all the fans come through. They are from literally all over.. It’s crazy.. People go 300 miles out of their way on their vacation to see the warehouse.. Dedication right there.

So anyway, we’ve been friends and now turned into practically family ( because literally, the only people that work there are either family or they all go to church together )

Man Oh Man. I see a missed call from John Luke.. I thought something was wrong and then called him right back after I got a text saying “call me back asap”.

If that doesn’t scare a friend, I don’t know what does.

So I call him right back and he’s mumbling something and then all I hear is ” I need you to be my fake girlfriend for something” …. Well okay…. What do you need me to do that for? You have a girlfriend? Did y’all break up? What. Is. Going. On.

” I need you to be my fake girlfriend for the show”

Ohhh, well if that’s all, then sure!

Oh no.. That was definitely not my reaction… I made sure it was okay with his girlfriend ( she’s one of my best friends) and then said yes yes yes! I would LOVE to be your fake girlfriend! ( She’s shy, so she wasn’t too up to being on national tv )

But really, me and John Luke are good friends, so something like this wouldn’t be awkward for us at all

So that was the start of it.. We filmed June 29 at Phil & Kay’s house.. It was so much fun… I don’t even think people would understand how much fun playing in fish guts is until you’re actually doing it.

So we pull up to the house and they come out to greet us, get us into our “wardrobe”, wire us up, and we were ready to go!

First scene : John Luke introduces me to his grandparents.. Asks to borrow a boat and Phil invites himself along..

So in the boat scene, Papaw Phil, John Luke and I are in one boat while 3 film guys are in another and 5 guys are in the bigger boat. Look… These people have equipment coming out of their ears and I’m pretty sure they had never been on a fishing boat before… So we ride along, Papaw Phil telling us how AIDS and STDs are punishment for not waiting till your married, John Luke and I are just sitting there… Awkwardly..

One of the producers suggested John Luke to kiss me on my cheek.. Excuse me. It’s 110 degrees out here, we are sweating every bit of liquid out of our bodies, and you want him to kiss me on my sweating cheek? I don’t think so.. That’s besides the fact that I’m not his real girlfriend..

So we boat along and reach 50 ft. deep water… Papaw Phil is talking along while the small and super flimsy boat is trying to keep up and that’s when it happened…

The biggest blooper of the whole day…

I’m serious. It was absolutely hilarious.

The two totally non-outdoorsy guys were in the front end with their heavy equipment+ the boat going too fast= the boat’s front end hitting into the water, and once it hits the water.. You’re done. You’re going under in a matter of seconds.

Just imagine… These california boys start sinking in a little fishing boat with who knows how much worth in equipment…

Papaw Phil gets to them asap and all you see is equipment raised out of the water and heads trying to stay up.. All Phil said was, “Hand me that equipment, we’ll worry about y’all in a minute.”

Needless to say… We died laughing afterwards.. Not them… But Papaw Phil, John Luke and I did… (:

The greatest part of the boat ride though, was Mr. Phil pushing the gospel and Jesus throughout the whole conversation. He explained how these people have no religion. They don’t have anything. They are the world who doesn’t know any better. He explained that while they were here, he puts out all good and wholesome things from his mouth; sometimes a little crude and funny, but all in all good for the representation of Jesus. These people never hear these things, and he explained that TV is so full of bad things, it won’t hurt any to throw out some Jesus for them to hear. Now whether or not they cut those things out, the good part is that everyone who had an ear piece that day heard every word he said. So even though the nation might miss out on the good truths he shared during that time, that film crew heard every word.

Now whether they’ll take it to heart or even think about it again, we’ll never know, but you never know how much of a difference you can make in a person’s life by

[Just. Being Different.]

Some more lovely stories from film day to follow (:


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