My Crazy Life As… A Country Girl

So the day we filmed, we did a fishing scene with Papaw Phil and John Luke. The beginning was filled with Papaw Phil giving us very valuable information about relationships.. As you can imagine..  and sinking boats..

When we finally got to the net that had fish in it to pull up, they reminded me that I would have to hold a fish..

I can hold bass, no problem.. but I had never held a catfish before.. ever. So I was quite interested in this art of catfish holding..

So Mr. Phil tells me about these crazy, stabbing, nail-like, dagger-type-things on the fishy’s fins.. They were crazy huge and I was scared to hold it and let it stab me… So before I even said anything… He twisted them off….

Sweetest. Man. Ever.

So here I am, taking the fish from him, pretending to be disgusted.. But honestly, I was extremely excited about holding this fish.

So I’m waving it at John Luke’s face and what-not while Papaw Phil is telling us all about these fish and why they’re the color they are and all sorts of interesting things.. And then the film crew interrupted our fun..

They told me to drop the fish when it was handed to me and scream. Honestly. It was the most fake scream I have ever screamed in my entire life.

So they finally finished the scene so me and John Luke got to play with the fish all we wanted to.. We had a California man from the film crew in our boat too.. And I even asked if he would like to hold the fish.. But he didn’t want to. It was a sad day. He missed out.

So all in all, the main lesson I have been learning lately is to try new things. Usually I wimp out on stuff like that, but now I have learned that if I go ahead and go all in, then I have much more fun and I don’t feel like I miss out.

Aka, the same way we should do in our walk with Christ. We need to go ahead and go all in and God will bless that. He’ll show us opportunities that we would have never had if we had never talked to that one person or made a decision that agrees with His plan.

I also learned how awesome fish are… My catfish sang to me.. (:

God is so creative (:


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