My Crazy Life As.. A Professional Fish Cleaner in Training

So guts are obviously a very good topic.

Seriously.. you can come up with so many great lessons out of it, such as my previous blog post. Well.. here’s another for ya.

So the scene we filmed where the guts came up was Papaw Phil teaching me to clean fish. He ripped off their skin vigorously.. As you can imagine.. While I pretended to watch in horror.. Okay, that part actually was pretty devastating.. I mean, can you imagine how awful it would be for someone to just go to town ripping your skin off? Anyways.. After he skinned them, he cut them open and pulled out the guts…When he pulled out all the guts and chopped away the bones, he was left with white, perfect meat.

And that is where this blog post idea came from… I’m telling you, if you need inspiration, just go clean some fish.

So in the same way Papaw Phil had to clean the fish, the same is for God cleaning out our sin. To make us perfectly clean and ready for our purpose, we have to be stripped of all the bad stuff ( aka sin ) ( the fishies’s purpose being fried and eaten.. Us to live out our walk with Christ and do what He has called us to do ).

The fish’s skin was pretty easy to get off, just like the surface sins seem easy to throw off too.. Where the hard part comes in is the bones. No one wants a bone in their fish, it’s just a lot easier to eat without it. The bones of sin in our lives are the deep sins.. The sins that we try to cover up and let no one be able to see. These are the secret sins we hide. Yes, the meat on the outside looked good, but if it still has bone in it, it’s a pain to fully enjoy it. So God doesn’t just want to take off our surface skins to where we look good on the outside, He wants to get every single bothersome piece.

God wants to take every single small piece that hinders our complete washing away of sin. He wants to take off the surface, and the deep down sins. He wants to get rid of all the guts of sin so that we are able to be what we are supposed to be in life, to be who He has called us to be, to be able to fulfill our purpose, and to enjoy life to the fullest.

So when the fishies are completely rid of any guts, skins, and bones, they are free to be fried up and enjoyed by all!

When we confess our sins to God and let Him get rid of all our sin, we are free to be who He has called us to be!

Betcha you never thought about that while cleaning a fish, have you? (: